Being small is a big deal.

"Kosta Vujić" Elementary School

Where every child beams with their own inner light.

Embark on the journey of education with our team of teachers, educators, and experts,
where every classroom transforms into an inspiring and nurturing environment, fostering individual interests.


A model of excellence in education

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. – George Washington Carver

Alongside academic accomplishments, we honor the unique qualities of each child, customizing their learning experiences to nurture personal growth and readiness for the adventures that lie ahead in real life.

Together in learning adventures

Parents play an active role in their child's education, and we guide you on the journey of education alongside us with personalized support and direct communication.

Healthy habits create healthy minds

From fresh, wholesome ingredients to homemade additive-free bread, we promote a positive attitude towards nutrition, fostering proper child development from an early age.

With an accredited curriculum, we prioritize the educational experience.


Empowering students on the path to education

More than words.

With foreign languages, fun is guaranteed.

Science as an adventure.

An adventure where curiosity leads.

Social wonders.

Diverse knowledge that stimulates curious minds.

Movement and creation.

Activities that encourage coordination and creativity.

Unleashing creativity.

Creativity where art finds its voice.


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56 Dobanovačka Street, 11080 Zemun

Working hours

7 AM – 6 PM


011 2610 330

062 8091 532

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